Your house will be professionally photographed inside and out when you list with Kevin Swift--up to a $500 value. This photographic service is an exclusive.  Call Kevin Swift--RE/MAX Associates of Topeka for more details at 230-1244.

Question:  What is the difference between typical real estate photos and CastleStone images, photographed by Kevin Swift--a real estate agent who owned a photographic studio for many years and has professional photographic experience? 

Answer: Sometimes it a matter of selling or not selling in today's competitive marketplace.  Kevin's CastleStone images are proven to double your showings over conventional photos, increasing your chances of selling significantly. Professional photos offer vibrant eye-catching color that causes your house to stand out of the crowd on the internet, and the wide angle shots show the full details of each room and are architecturally pleasing.  This gives your house more attention, and leads to twice as many buyers interested in touring your house over the Topeka showing average.


Typical Shot from Most Agents                   High Dynamic Range CastleStone Image


Typical Photo from Most Agents                 Wide Angle Image from CastleStone


Typical Photo by Most Agents                     Wide Angle Image from CastleStone


The purchaser of this $300,000 house above on NE Shaffer Rd. Topeka, KS commented…

“It was the wonderful picture of the big kitchen that first caught our eyes on the internet. It stood out from the crowd.And, that’s

why we looked at this house and eventually bought it.” Steve T.

You can get your own CastleStone Professional Photo Package when you list with Kevin Swift, RE/MAX Associates of Topeka... up to a $500.00 value, absolutely free and part of Kevin's full marketing plan to sell your house. Email or call him today at 230-1244.